Laurie went to the football game and she was looking for her friend Amy. She spotted her in the stands, but was not aloud up unless to did the wave. She told Brad it was dumb and refused. Brian said she should as everyone was watching and she asked him if she was afraid. The football team lost the game anyways 42 to 6 to Clarks town.

Laurie just had to find Amy before the paper came out, to tell her the story about the note. Amy asked her not to publish it and told her she was against The Wave because she was no longer the princess. Laurie had already published it.

Well Lauries paper came out and everyone wants a copy. The students are upset because they believe she is causing problems for The Wave. Parents and teachers are complaining to the principal and poor Mr.Ross has gotten a bad headache. Did he really start this? Some students like David, Amy, Brian and Robert can not believe she doesn’t agree with The Wave, and Robert thinks something should be done about it, but Brian said they will look after it.

Christy rushed home to talk to Ben about what is happening at the school, and how he must quit this as she is losing students to his class. The school teachers are upset with him and The Wave and the counselors and starting to question the students. But he tells her he can’t stop now he likes the power and even having a body guard. The GrapeVine staff stayed late after the paper had gone out so to celebrate. But as usual Carl and the others left early and Laurie was left to clean up and stayed later. As she went to her locker she heard foot steps and started to panic but she managed to find the door that wasnt locked, and made a run for it. But wouldn’t you believe it David and Brian are waiting for Laurie on the street and watch her walk by.

David goes after her and tries to talk to her about writing about The Wave but she rused to listen to him, she also tells him that all that The Wave has done is cause trouble. David is really getting mad at her and pushes her to the ground, poor Lauire is shaken and starts to cry, David can’t believe what he has done. Eventually they go to see Mr.Ross at home and both tell him that the wave has to stop. Mr.Ross has a plan for the other students but will not tell Laurie and David what it is. David quoted,”It’s taken over Mr.Ross you can’t say anything against it, it’s taken over. Mr.Ross thought had the Jews taken the Nazi’s threat seriously things might have been differnet.

The following morning Mr.Ross had to see the pricipal, and he was sweating. He had to correct this or resign teachers and parents were getting fed up. Mr.Ross told Mr.Owens his plan, and he gave Mr.Ross a chance to fix what he started. In Mr.Ross’s class the next morning David and Laurie thought Mr.Ross hadn’t changed. Quote,”Look what we accoplished in this school in a few days, if we can change things here we can change things everywhere”. Laurie and David didn’t trust him and got kicked out of class, and sent to the pricipal office. They asked Mr.Owens to stop The Wave, but he insisted that all would be alright.

Laurie and David put their books in the locker, and left the school depressed David she said,”Do you remeber the way this all started?” David said,”Do you mean the first motto?” She said,”No David the day we saw the movie about the Nazi’s camp. The day I was upset, no one could understand how all the other Germans could have ignored what the Nazi’s were doing, and pretended that they didn’t know. You told me it could never happen again, Laurie wants to go back to the school David wasnt sure.

All The Wave members were called to the auditorum, as their leader Mr.Ross wanted to talk to them. They were to watch a movie, all was quiet. Mr.Ross hoped the students would be like this all the time. Robert Billings was dressed in a suit and all the doors were locked. The Wave members were getting restless, as the screen was blank and they waited and waited. Mr.Ross gave a signal and Hitlers face appered the students were shocked. Then they realized that they couldn’t function with out a leader. They had lost their independence, they finally all realized what had happend and why the Germans didn’t do anything to stop Hitler. They had done the same thing it was quite an experiment but they learned a lesson,”To stand up for their independence and freedom”. Poor Robert cried as they were no longer equal. Mr.Ross was quite happy it ended the way it did.


Well once again Ben Ross was not sure about what started as an experiment was really spreading. He was starting to get more students in his class, that her thought they were skipping their other classes. These students were doing better in class especially is short answer questions, he kind of wondered about essays but they improved in all there school work. The football team ,David Eric and Brian had the wave happening on the football team and were doing better. The coach thanked him for introducing the wave to his players. Ben had to find out what attracted all the students to the wave, he thought it was just a fad.

Laurie was trying to get news for her paper, but all her helpers had nothing. So they suggested to write about the wave, to let everyone know what it was about. Laurie’s mom was really concerned when she went to Laurie’s room to talk to her. She spoke with Mrs.Billings and she was really happy in the change, in her son Robert. His attitude and the way he dressed. Mrs.Saunders was not so sure, she thought of a cult. The people who joined usually were unhappy in their lives. Laurie assured her it was just a game, but after her mom left she began to have doubts.

Mr.Ross was called to the principals office he was worried, as he didn’t think the wave would go that far. Even Christy’s music students improved, Mr.Owen’s the principal wanted to know about the wave. Ben explained that in his history class they watched a film about Hitler and the Nazi’s. Mr.Owens did not look to happy, but Mr.Ross assured him it was just a game.

The next day Laurie found a note on the floor of her news paper office. It was from a junior saying her/his friends were approached to join the wave. At first 2 of them were not interested, but the senior who approached them got mad and told her/him that people in the wave wouldn’t want them as a friend. The senior told them that they should join, before it was too late. They wanted to know,”Too late for what?”

When Ben left the Principal’s office the students were shouting,”Strength Through Discipline, Strength Thought Community, and Strength Thought Action”. They were also handing out pamphlets! Learn about The Wave. When Mr.Ross had Robert Billings following him, and wondered why?! What Robert wanted to be his body guard, because a leader needed one. So he thought why not as Robert had come a long way. He was alot happier, he also heard members discussing Wave orders. Orders to hang posters, orders to promote The Wave to the lower grades, and to change the pep rally to The Wave Rally.

Laurie was not sure about going to the rally. A fight broke out and a teacher had to break them up. Someone shouted their motto and David came up behind her, hes really into The Wave but she is not sure and tells him so. She thinks they should make up their own minds, about The Wave. She’s beginnings to have doubts and is a little worried. Her co workers Carl and Alex are not to interested in The Wave either. The Wave broke up Laurie and David! When Laurie’s father came home from golfing her told Laurie he had heard about the fight at the rally, and informed her that the boy that was beaten up was a Jew. Mr.Saunders thinks The Wave has gotten out of hand and the parents were going to the school to see the principal.

I wonder if people knew that, the boy that got beaten was a Jew? Maybe that’s why they maybe have beaten him. I still wonder if Mr.Ross was really into The Wave and enjoyed being a leader.

Mr.Ross the history teacher seems to be getting really excited about what he has started. He is starting dictate to the students, having them be quiet and answering him by standing up beside their desks and saying Mr.Ross and then the answer. He has the power and the energy and he is passing it on to the students. He has written on the board,”Strength through Discipline” He asks the students if there is anyone who isn’t interested in power and success.

Mr.Ross talked to his wife Christy about it, as I don’t think she likes what he is doing. She asks if he is going to continue, but he says I don’t think so.

Mr. Ross can’t seem to let it go, so he adds,”Strength through Community”. Now they have a motto and he tells his students that they are a movement a team and a cause. They have commitment: Now they have a sign known as the wave. (A cup of the hand).

David thinks about the football team and how the team should be told about the wave, then maybe they would win some games.

Laurie tells her parents about the wave, Mrs.Saunders doesn’t like it, but Mr.Saunders thinks the children could use the discipline. Mrs.Saunders feels that Mr.Ross is brainwashing the students and she thinks they should be able to think for them selves.

Now Mr.Ross has given them yellow cards for memberships, which surprises the students. Hes also added,”Strength through Action” to their motto. There are some cards with a red,”X” on the back. Robert Billings is really getting into this group, he seems to be coming out of his shell now that they are all equal. Laurie questions this as she is not sure about where this group is going, but Robert reminds her about reporting people who break the groups rules.

I’m beginning to believe this is how Hitler got his follower’s just the way Mr.Ross is. He likes the energy and the power to control. Hitler brainwashed his men to fight against the Jews, and that exactly what Mr.Ross is doing to the student’s.

The two important events in chapter one to four is the movie that Mr.Ross the history teacher showed his class. The movie was about the Nazi’s in Germany and killing the Jews. This really affected his history class. They were quite stunned especially Laurie Saunders and Amy Smith. They just couldn’t believe people would do this to other people putting them in concentration camps, and burning them in ovens. This really bothered them.

The other happening is the way the class treated Robert Billings they all thought he was a loser, and nobody really wanted anything to do with him. This showed when he sat down next to two girls from Mr.Ross’s class, they both got up and moved to a different table. Robert didn’t seem to notice that the two girls moved. Robert’s brother Jeff  Billings was a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles farm team, and was studying medicine. I’m not sure if this really bothered Robert and his I don’t care attitude. He had some pretty big shoe’s to fill.

All David Collins thought about was football as they had a losing team and never won a game, also no one ever showed up for practice. David and Laurie were also an item. She tried talking to him about the movie that they watched, but he shrugged it off.

Mr.Ross couldn’t believe how the movie of Hitler in Germany, affected his class who were not well behaved and rowdy. This kind of confused him. He also tried talking with Robert about him sleeping in class, but Robert just seemed to shut up.

The part that shocked me the most was when the kids were really quiet after the movie was over, they didn’t have much to say. I am also surprised that the kids didn’t get why everybody followed Hitler, and why they killed Jews.

I thought that Laurie and Amy were both caring. David seemed only interested in football, and Laurie who was his girlfriend. I kind of feel sorry for Robert, as everybody teased, and laughed at him. I don’t think that theres anything wrong with Robert, but he must have some kind of family problem.

  In the book “The Book Thief” from Markus Zusak, there is a character in the book named Liesel. In this book there is more than one different conflict in this book. There are conflicts like external conflict which is man vs. man, man vs. society, man vs. nature or even man vs. technology. There is also internal conflict and that is man vs. self.

Liesel had many different conflicts for example she got dropped off by her mom to go to foster care, because her mom couldn’t afford her or Liesel.  This conflict is about leaving her mom. So when her mom told her to get out of the car, she threw a fit and would not get out of the car. That conflict is man vs. man.  Another example of conflict is about when Liesel is hiding Max in her basement, because she knows that it’s not right to kill Jews that is man vs. society. Also if you think of it Liesel is also feeling guilty because she knows it’s not right to hide Max in her basement. That conflict is man vs. self.

Liesel was feeling guilty when she stole the book from the mayor’s wife, just because she wants to. That conflict is man vs. self, because she is feeling guilty about stealing the book. The next conflict is about Liesel having a dream about her brother, because she feeling guilty of just leaving her brother there on that train. The conflict that Liesel is feeling right now is man vs. self because she’s feeling guilty. Liesel is very hard on herself because she feels guilty. Liesel is one fabulous character, because she’s so brave and also because she’s hiding a Jew in her basement, and is also friend’s with a Jew. This book gets more interesting every time we read it, I wonder what’s going to happen next?

Two people from Canada were travelling in Thailand were killed in a vehicle accident.The accident happened on New Years Day. Apparently a truck had the back seat covered and was travelling back from Phuket International Airport to a new west coast resort. Police said that the vehicle went off the road when trying to pass another vehicle on a winding hilly road.

The dead people are Kongseng Sunthorn which is 61 years old, and also dead is Aryporn Sunthorn  which is 50 years old. Also belived to be injured in this accident was Mrs. Sunthorn’s father, Huy Sonsak,  who was 82 years old, came to Canada from Laos. It appears the family lived in Hamilton.

For more information

or the site.

Both Canadians and Australian governments are aware of this accident, I think it’s a tragedy as family have to deal with bringing these bodies back to Canada to have them buried.

Brazil Mudslide.

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Rains in Brazil that causes mudslides seems like every year it happens. Many people are left homeless or dead. Most people effect it are the poor people because they live in rickety shacks, and most of these people live on hill sides where the mudslides occur. The latest mud slide caused about four hundred and fifty deaths, and there are still many people that havent been found yet. These mudslides are fierce they carry away vichels, homes, trees, and anything that is in thier path.

Many families are devastated because they have lost everything, and they are looking for family members and friends. Also they do not have water supply, and most of the food is gone. When all this happend the power has been out from a lightning flash. Many people have to seek safety on higher grounds. Usually when this happens there is a disease and these people need medication and health care.

As I have heard that located a family of four buried under the of their home and said that the neighbour’s two-month-old baby was washed away in his crib and hasnt been found. Only a few people could get into the area to rescue these people, as it is hard to get in to help. These people only have shovels to work with and some dig with thier hands, trying to find and help people.

I think that maybe these people should build thier homes in a safer place, and use better building materials. I know other countries are concerned and send medical supplies, clothing, water, and food. Also people from other countries around the world are willing to go over and help repair the damage, and maybe they send better equipment to restore the damages.